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As we reopen amid the COVID 19 pandemic, we at Franklin Eyewear are taking the following steps to ensure that we are able to maintain a safe environment for all of our patients.

  1. All services will require an appointment for the foreseeable future. This is to ensure that we have adequate time to sanitize between every patient. We will be reserving early in the day appointments to provide extra caution for those over 65 years of age or who are immunocompromised, please inform us if you will require an early appointment.
  2. When you arrive for your appointment, please call and one of us will meet you outside to ask relevant screening questions and take your temperature. Entrances will be locked to minimize the possible spread and to ensure that the screening process has been completed prior to entry into the building. Please note, that if you have a fever or are sick, we will need to reschedule your appointment.
  3. We will require all patients to wear a mask and either wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering. If you do not have a mask, we will provide you with one.
  4. Please do not have anyone accompany you inside unless necessary (parent/guardian, caregiver).
  5. We ask that you allow us to remove any frames that you wish to try on. This is to ensure that frames that have been tried on are easily identified to be sanitized.
  6. Please reschedule your appointment if you have shown symptoms of illness within the past 72 hours. If you or someone that you have had contact with has tested positive for COVID 19, notify us so that appropriate measures can be taken.

Additional information: If you have an appointment for an exam, please complete the medical history prior to your appointment. This is accessed through our secure patient portal, a link to which will be emailed to you at the time that your appointment is scheduled. At this time, we are asking that payments are restricted to check or credit card only.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding as we navigate through these times.